MuraYoshi BINCHO Charcoal
MuraYoshi BINCHO Charcoal
MuraYoshi BINCHO Charcoal
It's so hard it's hard to believe it's charcoal!
Get Cooking with Bincho Charcoal!

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What is Bincho charcoal?

There are two basic types of charcoal in use around the world:
    Black charcoal and White charcoal.
Black charcoal is the common charcoal you are probably familiar with.
Bincho charcoal is the king of white charcoal. It is extremely hard and very heavy.
Actually, if you want to cut Bincho charcoal, you have to use a hatchet instead of a saw. Bincho charcoal has a bumpy twisted surface that glitters silvery. Sub-sections shine like metal. Because of its density, Bincho charcoal doesn't kindle very easily, however, this is also why it keeps its unbelievable heating power for so long. Many restaurants, steakhouses, and seafood restaurants are using the Bincho charcoal throughout Japan. Moreover, Bincho charcoal has several other features most of which, black charcoal would be completely inappropriate. Bincho charcoal's unique characteristics make it perfectly suited for:

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