Evergreen Oak - Exotic Origin
(Quercus phillyraeoides / Japanese name: Ubamegashi)

The oaks are a large group of evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs that are found wild throughout Europe, Asia, northern Africa, and North and South America. They have one characteristic in common, which is the fact that their seeds are carried in little caps, acorns. Male and female flowers appear on the same tree. The male flowers are born in noticeably thin catkins, and the inconspicuous female flowers are produced two or more, or sometimes singly, on a short stalk.

Bincho charcoal is made of "Ubamegashi" oak. It is a large evergreen tree that grows in moderate climate on steep slopes of coastal areas in Asia. Ubamegashi can be easily distinguished by their hard leaves and acorns which tend to have flat surfaces. Also, they can withstand dry weather.

There are some other raw lumbers used to make Bincho charcoal, however, the "Ubamegashi" produces the best Bincho charcoal.

Evergreen Oak, Origin of Bincho charcoal
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